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the friendly breathing programme

3 months to move from overwhelmed to vibrant.

Work with me one-to-one to form a lifelong friendship with your breath and find the clarity and space that you are craving.

We work together on 6 key areas:

  1. Your unique breathing pattern and how it can help and hinder you, starting the journey to becoming friends with your breath
  2. Your breath & work, cultivating a better work life balance through the breath
  3. Your breath & sleep, getting you that all important rest using your breath
  4. Your breath & exercise, building healthy breathing habits to support any exercise, whether that's, walking, yoga, gym sessions, dance, any exercise
  5. Your breath & hormones, using your breath to harness the power of your cycle or navigating menopause
  6. Your breath & the future, building strong daily breathing practices that will support you for a life time!

This programme is for you if:

  • You struggle with daily overwhelm
  • You think you have no space in your day for yourself
  • You love your career but it has become life consuming
  • You react rather than respond to stressful situations
  • You want better and more consistent sleep without worrying about work and life
  • You want to feel more in control of your life

What 3 months of breathing together looks like:

  • 6 x 75 minute online live sessions
  • Signature 3 x 3 Friendly Breathing journal prompts
  • Supported integration weeks between live session
  • 6 x audio recordings to guide your breathing friendship
  • A bespoke Friendly Breathing practice to use everyday


  • Free access to 'Breathwork & relaxation' group sessions for 4 months

Are you ready to change your relationship with your breath? Ready to say goodbye to your overwhelm and lack of energy? Ready to feel clear, vibrant and grateful every day?

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FREE 5-minute breathing practice to find calm & clarity