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become friends with your breath to make life
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FREE 5 Minute Breathing Practice

Feeling overwhelmed and like you have no time? Take 5 minutes to connect to your breath to find some calm and clarity
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FREE 5-minute breathing practice to find calm & clarity
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The Friendly Breathing Programme
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About me
Harriette teaching a class

Hey, I'm Harriette your friendly breathing coach. Supporting you to build a deeper connection with your breath, making work & life lighter, clearer and more vibrant.

Do you love your career but sometimes feel consumed by it? Are you looking for more space and clarity in your day?

Constantly looking for a better work life balance? Want to find out how nurturing your relationship with your breath could help you with this?

yes please!

"Thank you for tonight's session. I'm so glad I tried it. My breathing was different all week since Thursday, really unexpected."

One-to-one client

"I’m absolutely loving learning about breath work with you and it’s making me feel more in control of my body and anxiety / stress over breathing issues. Thank you so much!"

Friendly Breathing Programme Client

"I just wanted to thank you SO much for this evenings. It’s the most connected & relaxed I’ve felt in a long time."

One-to-one client


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FREE 5-minute breathing practice to find calm & clarity