Harriette teaching a class

how I started my friendship - and how you can too!

Hey, I'm Harriette your friendly breathing coach. Supporting you to build a deeper connection with your breath, making life lighter, clearer and more vibrant. Strong, close friendships support us through the highs and lows of life and you can have a similar close relationship with your breath. I work with individuals and groups using practices to understand how your unique breathing habits are helping and hindering you. Nurturing your helpful breathing habits and creating new ones to move from feeling overwhelmed with work and life to feeling energised and excited.

Previously working in the corporate events industry, I struggled for years with mental fog, overwhelm and anxiety. When asked "are you ok?" I'd respond with either a dazed vacant gaze or "It's all just a lot, isn't it?". The "a lot" I was talking about was more than just work, it was the cultural pressures of everyday. I started to use breathwork every day, mainly to give myself a moment of calm when I felt mind numbly stressed. But those quick hacks were not enough. I was searching for a way to make life and work less heavy, less stressful, more enjoyable, clearer. That's when I started nurturing my friendship with my breath.

By nurturing my friendship with my breath I started to notice shifts in my behaviour, being less reactive, responding to change in a more centred way, noticing when I could take pockets of me time and the big change was mental clarity!

I know my story isn't unique and that's why I started inexhale and The Friendly Breathing Programme. To help you use your breath to make your life clearer, calmer and more vibrant.

So, if you are ready to invest in your present and future self. If you are ready for a clearer mind. If you are ready to reconnect your body and mind using your breath, then I'd love to chat to you!

let's chat!

Harriette teaching a class

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